Sunday, July 01, 2007

Glasgow Airport Car Bomb

This is the actual live footage of the vehicle burning.
I am saddened that this is my first post after having been away for so long, it is a sad day for the people of Glasgow and Scotland.

Well it looks like the war zone has finally arrived on the outskirts of Glasgow, with nearly devastating effect. I`m sure that for a many Glaswegians, 30/06/07 will be a sort of JFK moment, where were you when the bomb went off.
I suppose as a country Scotland and its people, in retrospect, have maybe been a little bit complacent regarding the way global events have a habit of impacting locally.
I have heard it said by many members of Glasgow`s great diaspora, that it could never happen here, that we are too civilised. We may well be on the whole, but there was an inevitability about the 30/06/07.
We, as do many other cities in the UK and Europe, have a large minority asian population of peoples who practice the religion of Islam. Over the coming days there will no doubt be great discussion and debate by all Glaswegians and Scots as to why this darkness should descend over our City and Country.
There will be the voices of bigotry, which have always been here and they have always found a cause to blindly rant about, whose only reaction will be to rage against anyone who is not exactly like them.
Their language is, and always has been, divisive, short and abbreviated. In the past, and I make no apology for my language, it was "Micks", "Jews", "Proddies", "Chinkie", "Tims", "Gypos", "Darkies", "Niggers", "Kykes" etc, and currently we have such words as, "Pakkies", "Muzzies", "Ragtops", I will not use the expletives that are usually associated with these words, we all know them.
Now this is in fact a universal stance taken about most outsiders who settle in a foreign land, city, town, village or street; the world over.
Its a language and stance inspired by fear and initial lack of understanding, of the strange, the different, the unusual, in fact anything, almost, that is different to you or I.
I think it would only be fair to say that we have all, the world over, had these feelings at one time or another. Its part of our imprinted human nature to sort of herd together as a survival instinct. The fact that its, in relative terms, easier to survive in the white Caucasian western world than most other parts of the planet is by the by, and this applies to all of our peoples who live in this western society.
This is something that the organisers of suicide bombers have known for some time, and they are now working hard to maintain and increase these divisions.
The bomb at the airport was in my opinion, another of many attempts to inspire hatred by the majority population against the minority. To increase the rants of "if they don`t like it here then why don`t they go home".
But this denies blindly the truth of the matter, scratch the surface of virtually any "Jew", "Mick", "Pakki", "Proddie" "Darkie", "Kyke", "Chinkie", etc, in Glasgow and you will generally find a Glaswegian born and bred.
None of us can "go home" easily after generations of distance, whether it be to Ireland, Pakistan, Somalia, Uganda, China, Italy, Russian, Poland, and even England, to name but a few of the homelands that Glasgows past has come from.
We may have a romance of where our roots are, but we would be in many many cases strangers in strange lands if we tried to "go home".
Without these peoples we would not have a Nation, let alone a Glasgow, and this none of us should forget, we were all a minority at one time or another. We were "these peoples", and others from other nations will follow us and they will become "these peoples" for a time.
I think a sharp intake of breath is required by all of us, we were all lucky, no member of the public has died as yet, the attempt to take lives failed.
If we all start building walls to hide behind and trenches to cower in then they will indeed have succeeded in their mission with hardly a drop of blood spilled or a body shattered.